The team

Branimir is a Master of Archaeology but his real passion are the books and their sale. He surfs, kayaks and yachts. His first voyage was when he was 10 years old. The boat was cut out in styrofoam and the target was an island … in the center of Sofia, in the middle of a flooded construction site. When he grew up, he kept his love for water. He acquired his captain’s certificate in 2007. He sailed in a yacht to the Large Sporades and the Cyclades. The most serious voyage was his coming back from a distance of 110 miles from Samothrace to Kavala with wind of over 15 knots and three-meter waves at night. He has traveled by boat along the Arda, Mesta, Struma, Velika Morava and the Danube.
   The idea occurred in his mind during the historical study about Volga Bulgaria, Kazan and their role for the mastering of Siberia. At this time his desire was for a voyage from Amsterdam to the Sea of Okhotsk but later, after he read Kim Hafez’s book “Nomade du Grand Nord“ he realized that a voyage around the globe is absolutely possible.
   He is to be the leader of the expedition.

Dayan is a programmer but he is also familiar with any type of hardware. He deals very well with combustion engines and the rest of the mechanics. He was able to change a car frame for 10 days just for fun, i.e. to disassemble all parts of the car and to assemble them again. He surfs and rows. He has been part of the staff during a yacht journey around the island of Thasos. He traveled around the delta of the Danube without a local pilot, only on the basis of navigation.
   He will be the mechanic of the expedition.

Kiril sings in the Vienna Opera House but his great passion is surfing. You would surely see him every summer in Limnos and Gokceada. He is a frequent visitor of Neusiedler-Seewinkel in Austria or Lago di Garda in Italy. He has surfed in more exotic places, such as the Red Sea in Egypt.

Because of the many tours, it is not sure that he would be available for 5 months in the summer but all of us hope that he would be part of the crew as his resilience in critical times has been proven throughout the years.

I am Krisi and am a director, Bachelor of Public Administration and Master of Digitalization. I was born at the end of one summer, in the past millennium. And although I have breathed in sea air for the first time, I suffer from a severe form of sea disease, which does not let me drive or ride anything that sails on water; on account of this I am a great organizer and deal well with money, which is the reason for me to join the team for this interesting undertaking.
   I have devoted the larger part of my life to my work in televisions – I started my career in 1988 in BNT (then BT) as an assistant-director, and I finished my career in the national television as Vision mixer at News department and a director in the sports edition.
   In 2000 I started working for Nova TV and during the 18 years I spent there, I have dealt with various productions, at different positions – mostly News and Sports director. For eight years I have been director of Sports world with Krum Savov, in other words about 120 working Sundays 😊 I remember with tenderness about the cinema production we made with my friend Ralitsa Mancheva, at some time at the beginning of this century. I met nice people I wanted to communicate with… And many others ... 😊
   Currently I am part of the team of WNESS TV, again as director
   Apart from dealing with the organizational and logistic work, I have an idea to work out, together with the team which will travel around the world, popular science series with a reality element, with historical and geographic contents. Something like modern travel notes shot during the expedition. I believe that in the episodes each viewer would find something interesting for himself, from all ancient and wild places the boys would visit with the boat.
   You can find summaries of the episodes further in this site.

Tsveta is a Master of History and Master of Food Technologies, specializing in catering. She has excellent organizational skills. She likes traveling in her free time. For many years she has spent her summers at Gradina camping where she likes swimming, surfing and taking walks along the sand strip. She likes very much mountaineering. She is a lover of winter sports – she skis. She is part of the project and will support it in the logistic part, which is one of the main pillars of the expedition.

I am Niki....