Due to COVID-19 and Conflict in Ukraine the voyage was postponed.

To date, no one has ever traveled the globe with a small rubber boat.

We are a group of enthusiasts with great love for water sports. We mean both extreme surfing and kayaking, as well as yachting, rowing in calm waters and boats with outboard engines. On the basis of historical research we have drawn up a route which makes it possible to travel around the globe mainly along the river network of Europe, Asia and North America.

Before the industrial era, the rivers were the main thoroughfares but nobody has gone around the globe along the river network so far. In the Middle Ages a large part of the trade was carried out through the rivers of Rhine and Danube. Another very popular route from Scandinavia to Constantinople was along the rivers of Don, Volga and Kama. In the 16th century for less than 100 years, the whole area of Siberia was explored, and later Kamchatka and Alaska, the movement being on the rivers again. These are also the main roads for the French and English fir traders in Canada.

The project is absolutely feasible with good logistics, technical preparation and staff. It would reveal the greatness of the human spirit. We have submitted an application to Guinness and we were assured that nobody has performed such a voyage so far.

We envisage to start off in May 2020 and to come back in September 2020. Every possible moment enabling traveling should be used. The northern water roads freeze in the winter and Hudson Bay is navigable for only 2 months a year. The whole distance is 36 000 km which must be covered for not more than 4-5 months. Therefore navigation should be carried out during the whole light part of the day and in the northern latitudes over 60 degrees the daylight lasts for more than 20 hours in the summer.